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2024 Club Memberships & MI Competition Licences


 Click on the PDF to download the form.


All first time and renewals, the fee is the normal €30 or €35 via Pay Paypal. 

 Motorsport Ireland has launched its online competition license application process. The details are as follows,

The system will enable you to easily apply for, or renew, your competition licence online so you no longer need to print and post your paper application form and documents. 

It also allows you to apply for a National grade licence on a 12-month basis regardless of when you apply. For example, if you apply for a National Licence in November, it will expire at the end of October in the following year.

All of this can be done through your Motorsport Ireland Online Membership Portal. 

To complete your application, simply log-in to your member account, review your personal information and licence details, before proceeding to the Competition Licence Application within your member profile area. 

The application form is designed to be intuitive, making the process as quick and easy for you as possible. However, to assist you, we have created a demonstration video which you can view by clicking on the screen below: 


  When accessing the system, please take note of the following important points: 

  • If you are unable to access your member account with this email address or notice that information is missing or out-of-date, please contact the Motorsport Ireland office. Do not sign up for a new account as this may create a duplicate profile for you and cause an error. 
  • While it will now be quicker and easier for you to apply for a licence, our staff still need time to review and process your application along with any accompanying documents. Therefore, please ensure you apply at least one week before the date of your first event

If you have questions regarding the new system or your competition licence details, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone us on 01 677 5628.


Introduction to Endurance Trials for 2022

Once again the ALMC Endurance Team is arranging their annual Introduction to Endurance Trials, at a venue to be announced.

The night will commence at 8 pm, incorporating some presentations and discussions on “How To…” along with some information on the selective roads that are used in the

                  ALMC Mad March Hares Endurance Trial. 

                   Event Date:  5th March 2022

If you are interested in attending as numbers are limited to 40, email your Name and Mobile and numbers attending with you to:

Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

Endurance Trials-some basic information


Just click on the Starlet to see further details on what's needed!




Endurance Trials are broken into 7 separate classes. The emphasis is to keep costs down for prospective competitors so you will see many competitors opt for cars such as the Toyota Starlet, Nissan Micra, Fiat Cinquecento, Fiat Sceicento.....whatever can be bought, begged or borrowed from the small ads pages!

The maximum engine size is 1400cc however, there will be competitors with bigger engined cars (Vectras, MX5's, 3 Series Compacts and Ford Escorts for example) - these cars are not permitted to be classified in the overall results but will compete for their own class and more importantly they will have a great day's craic!



As per updated Appendix 35.15.1, the entry will be divided into six classes, as follows:


A1:       Cars built to Endurance specification up to 1000cc. 

A2:       Cars built to Endurance specification from 1001 to 1400cc.

B:         Navigation Trial cars up to 1400cc, (Navigation Trial cars as defined in appendix 33,           including such cars if fitted with cages and Open Sports cars fitted with cages).

C:         Navigation Trial cars from 1401 to 2000cc, (Navigation Trial cars as defined in appendix 33, including such cars if fitted with cages and Open Sports Cars fitted with cages including 4WD Cars).

D:         Front Wheel Drive Retro-type cars (retro cars as defined in Appendix 33).

E:         Rear Wheel Drive Retro-type cars (retro cars as defined in Appendix 33).

F:         All other Sports Cars. - No Cages






There are a few basic Safety Modifications required to each competing car. The below is a basic list. Please see Appendix 35 of the MI Yearbook by clicking the link below for more information.



A reflective red warning triangle, first aid kit, tow rope, and SOS/OK board must be carried
Hi-Vis jackets for both crew members must be carried.
Full safety harnesses are mandatory for all competing cars. These can be of four-point ‘Clubman’ type or the quick release ‘Aircraft’ harnesses.

Helmets [ secondhand out of date are acceptable ] are required in all classes, regardless if a cage is fitted or not.

Control tyres on all wheels and spares for Endurance Classes A1 and A2

Tyres for Endurance Events:






The front windscreen is of laminated glass.

Mud-flaps for all four wheels.

All cars must have a valid NCT/MOT certificate and disc, unless exempt.



Drivers and Navigator licence, NATIONAL B Road.  The form can be downloaded from the Motorsport Ireland website at


The Driver will need to have a valid Road Licence as you will have to travel on the public road (while obeying the rules of the road!) to get between the competitive selectives. Note-all drivers must be IRDS/BRDS registered or no start - no exceptions to this rule.

Drivers will need to be on the Irish/British Rally Drivers Scheme (IRDS/BRDS) database. This is to ensure that you have third-party road insurance cover for the non-competitive elements of the event.

You should familiarise yourself with the rules of Endurance Trials which are in Appendix 35 of the Motorsport Ireland Yearbook (available on

You need to submit an entry for the event. Entry forms will be on the ALMC Website and cost €275  [ 2024 ] . Entries are usually flowing in early so don't delay!! The max number of starters is strictly limited to 70 crews.






How to get started and compete in Endurance Trials

Want to know know more about Endurance Trials and how to get involved? Endurance Trials offer a very cost effective and fun way of getting involved in Motorsport. You can even register for a National Championship too. Enjoy the first of three videos from Rob and Marty of, who took part in last years ALMC Spring Endurance Trial...we hope to see them back again this year at the 2018 ALMC Spring Lanes Endurance Trial on 24th February!


What are Endurance Trials?

Endurance Trials started a number of years ago in the UK, with events running mainly on private property venues and locations. Given its concept of a very competitive yet affordable branch of Motorsport, ALMC Motor Club, with the support of the relevant Motorsport Ireland sub committees, made the decision in 2011 to run the first event of its kind in Ireland.

 The event was based in Luttrellstown Castle, as it has been since its inception, and offered a real challenge to existing Autotest and Night Navigation competitors, as well as those dipping their toes into the world of Motorsport for the first time.

The concept was and still is, a very simple one. Competing cars are divided into 5/6 classes, and all are affordable vehicles, with limits placed on engine size/capacity, and tyres. Certain Safety features are incorporated into each vehicle, and each car must be presented for pre-event Scrutiny.

Separate venues are used during the event (ALMC has used private farms, freight yards and industrial estates over the last few years), and the venues can be some distance apart, adding to the "endurance" element to the event. During each test, which competitors are given in "tulip" format and sometimes in diagram form, the driver and navigator must drive to the finish as quickly as possible, but at the same time stop (stationary) at a variety of locations during the test such as Stop Boxes (marshalled), or to collect codes at a Code Board.

This serves to keep average speed to a minimum, and as a pre-defined "target time" based on a defined speed for the test is known, the object for each competitor is to minimise their penalties during the event.